Project: Electronic Drum Sticks

Created for my 2019 Senior Design Project. Using a BNO055 IMU and a Python application my partners and I created a set of sticks to allow users to mimic playing a drum set while eliminating the need for a physical set of drums. Each stick was custom built and designed at Syracuse University. Read more!

Project: Personal Website
Web DevelopmentHTMLCSS

The aim of this project was to create a website, from scratch, that would serve as a home for my projects and act as my portfolio. I took on this endeavor to challenge myself and create something I could use to market my technical skills. Creating my website took approximately 3 months from start to finish and required many hours of testing and development. During these three months I learned a lot about web development, hosting and a myriad of other topics. You can read about my goals for this project and view this websites source code on my GitHub.

More Projects coming soon!